What is the difference between Toner Level/Days Remaining Alerts and Toner Consolidation Alert

When the Toner Level and the Days Remaining Alerts trigger, they only provide the details of the cartridge that triggered the alert.  The Toner Consolidation alert allows a dealer to include the level of other standard cartridges based on a threshold that they can set.  The principal advantage to this alert is that if a dealer is going to ship a toner cartridge based on a Toner Percentage/Days Remaining alert, the dealer can be made aware of other cartridges for the device that may need replacing in the near future.  This can potentially save time and money in order processing and shipping.  It also helps dealers be more proactive when providing toner replenishment services to their customers.

There are some caveats to the Toner Consolidation alert:

  1. It applies only to standard toner cartridges (CMYK). 
  2. This is a separate alert from Toner Level and Days Remaining.  If you have separate alerts set for those conditions, you will receive separate alerts for each condition when triggered.
  3. The Toner Consolidation is an OR condition.  This means that either a Toner Level OR a Days Remaining condition can trigger the alert.  To disable the Days Remaining portion of the alert, simply leave the value as 0 (zero).  That condition would never trigger.
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