Why a device may not be showing the correct toner level

There are a few possibilities of why a device may not be showing the toner level or the correct toner level.  

  1. The device just doesn't report toner levels correctly. This is unlikely but possible.
  2. They are using refilled or re-manufactured toner cartridges and they do not measure their toner levels correctly. Some toner cartridges have a chip in them that does not get reset when the toner gets refilled, and this chip might therefore be reporting the toner level as 0%.
  3. Try power cycling it and see if the toner level reports correct after the next scan?
  4. There was some sort of mistake and the toner was in fact replaced in a different device.
  5. Check the embedded web page for the device. Chances are that it will also show the toner as being empty (same as Infinite Device Management). If they cannot get to the embedded web page for the device; that in and of itself means the device might be having issues. If the device does not have an embedded web page, see if there's a way to go through the menus on the device to view toner levels that way, and see what that says for the toner level.
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