Why are the counts in my Reports different from the counts in the Device Details?

The Dashboard and the Reporting engine calculate the counts differently. The Dashboard goes from the point in time the last scan was received while the Report engine bases its information off of calendar days.

As the Dashboard value is calculated to use 7 days from the time the scan occurred it can miss part of a days of scans. For example:

  1. Dashboard. If a scan comes in on Monday at 10:00, it will calculate the volume as the difference between Monday at 10:00 and seven days previous at noon.
  2. Report. If the report is run at Monday at 10:00, it will calculate the volume as the volume change between Monday at midnight a week previous, and current. The report actually goes further in that it will pull the last scan it can find that happened BEFORE the start date to get what we call an "opening balance" for the volume.

Take the following into consideration as a data example. Let's say a device has the following readings in the database.

Sunday May 27th 11:00PM - 2000 (opening "balance" of pages)
Monday May 28th 1:00AM - 2500
Monday May 28th 10:00AM - 3000 (7 days previous if dashboard is run at 10:00AM on June 4th)
Monday June 4th 10:00AM - 4000 (closing "balance" of pages).

The Dashboard would use the June 4th and the May 28th at 10:00AM readings to calculate 1000 pages. However, that is not taking into account any pages that may have occurred between Monday the 28th at midnight until 10:00AM. The Reporting engine would show a total change of 2000 pages for the week as the week started off at 2000 pages (as closely as we can determine given the data) and is now at 4000 pages.
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