Why is the Unknown/Other count in the Volume Breakdown by Device Function so high?

When I run the Volume Breakdown By Device Function graphical report, why is the Unknown/Other count so high?

"Unknown/Other" is accumulated when the sub counter type (Copier,Scan, Print, Fax etc.) is not known.  If the MFP doesn't break it's counters down into the different sub-type, then the entire "Life Count" can be considered "Other/Unknown".

So for example, if a device only reported a life count, but no copy sub counters, etc., the entire life count for the device is added to "unknown" because we do not know the specific function that was used to generate the counts.

So if there are a number of devices that do not support sub count types, then this number could be very large. If no devices supported anything but life count, the "unknown" would be 100%.
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