Working with Users in IDM


In order to perform various actions within the Infinite Device Management system, a user must first be granted privileges to do so.  User privileges are separated into two levels, View Only and Manage, and are granted on specific items in the system hierarchy (eg: a specific Dealer or Customer). Each privilege level is also further broken down into a number of activities that a user can perform within the system (eg: A user can be granted the ability to view device Counts information, but not device Supplies information, if desired).

Some caveats to remember when setting up User Privileges: 

  • Any privilege granted at the Manage level implies the same privilege at the View level so it is not necessary to have both sets granted.  However, assigning both will not cause any issues.  Manage level privileges will always override permissions set at the View level.
  • The minimum rights required for a user to view the Dashboard and Reports are Organization Structure and Device Management.
  • The easiest way to set multiple rights for a user is to grant default view/manage rights and then remove any privileges that are not desired.
  • Privileges apply to all of the selected scopes (Dealer/Customer/Site) and cannot be broken down further further at the scope level.  For example, you cannot give "Manage --> Site ICE Configuration" to a user on Customer A and View only rights on Customer B for that same user.

Account Information, Account Preferences and Contact Information

Account Information - all three fields are required.

  • Name 
  • E-mail Address 
  • Password

Account Preferences - User's are able to change their account preferences once logged into the IDM system. 

  • Language
  • Date / Time Locale
  • Number Locale
  • E-mail Format
  • Default Time Zone for Reports

Contact Information - Contact information is optional 

User Privileges in Infinite Device Management

The following table shows the user rights have been carried over from Infinite Device Management 3.19 and earlier:

tableimage.png 21.51 KB

Several new privileges have been added in IDM 3.20.  Most of these were “implied” when granting users manage access at the dealer level older IDM versions.  The privileges have been broken out for more granular control of user access and can now be applied at the customer/customer group level.

Organization Privileges

Organization Structure - view/manage details of organization objects.

User Management -  add and delete users and edit privileges for existing users.

Site ICE Configuration - edit ICE Configuration for select scope(s)

Devices and Alert Privileges

Device Management - view/manage device details such as Name and Location as well as run reports on selected scopes.

Device Licensing - manage Tracking Levels for devices included in the selected scope.

Device Comments - view/manage Comments field for devices in the selected scope.

Please Note: the minimum rights required for user to view the Dashboard and Reports are:
  • Organization Structure
  • Device Management     

For a detailed list of the user rights required to access different components, please review the IDM Privilege Matrix.

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