Active Directory and User Management (UM) Login issues

  • Users may not get popups on their UM Client.  The error log will contain an entry
    <TIMESTAMP> Could not authorize user with local automatic authorization.
    <TIMESTAMP> Unable to authorize: 1, The account information you entered is invalid.
  • When logging into the UM webpage, they may get an error "Login name or password is not valid"
  • When logging into the UM webpage, they may get an error "Unable to create a user entry for this network name.  No associated directory entry found."
The UM server installation will create at least two Application Pools in IIS.  These AppPools are set to run under the "NetworkService" built-in account.  In most cases the built in NetworkService account will have the necessary privileges to allow UM to authenticate against Active Directory.   

  • Update UM to 7.2.12 or better
  • If the issue(s) still persists, set the AppPool identity to an Active Directory user with Active Directory permissions to read users passwords and any lockout policies that may be in place ie: Login On To...  This may be an existing AD account or a dedicated user with minimal rights.  

Set Identity of  the AppPool user to a Custom account:

  1. Open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Under "Connections" locate "Application Pools".
  3. Highlight the Application Pool "PAInfinite"
  4. Under Actions --> Edit Application Pools, click on "Advanced Settings..."
  5. Under Process Mode, select the field "Identity" and click the button.
  6. Select "Custom account" and click Set...
  7. Add the user name and password for the customer user.
  8. Under Actions --> Application Pool Task, restart the AppPool by click "Stop" and the "Start".
  9. Repeat the process for the "PAInfiniteApi" AppPool.

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