Dealing with large JBS file uploads in User Management

Issue: When trying to import large JBS files into User Management with the Source set to "Uploaded file", the upload fails.  The upload may fail with the error "Maximum request length exceeded" or may look to run briefly, then returns to the "Run" command.

Solution:  There are two solutions to this issue:

  1. As a workaround, use "Network Folder" and browse to a copy of the JBS file.  The upload issue only occurs when IIS handles the uploaded file.
  2. Modify IIS to handle larger files by default.  Please see instructions below.

Modifying IIS to Handle Larger File Uploads

Please note that the following requires a restart of the Print Audit UM site.  The site may be temporarily unavailable while IIS restarts the site.

  1. On the UM Server, open Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Under "Sites", locate the "Print Audit Infinite" site and click on it.
  3. Under the "IIS" settings (in Features View), click the "Request Filtering" icon.
  4. Click on the tab "Hidden Segments" 
  5. Click on "Hidden Segments".
  6. Click on "web.config".
Request1.jpg 40.59 KB

7. Under "Actions", click on "Edit Feature Settings..."

Request2.jpg 28.71 KB

8.  Change Maximum allowed content length (Bytes) to "2147483647"
9.  Click "OK" to Save.
10. Click back on the "Print Audit Infinite" Site. 
11. Under "Management", click on "Configuration Editor".
12. From the dropdown, sleect "system.web/httpRuntime".
13. Change "maxRequestLength" to "2147483647".
14. Under "Actions", click "Apply".

ConfigEditior.jpg 97.08 KB

15. Click on the Site "Print Audit Infinite".
16. Under "Actions --> Manage Website", click on "Restart".

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