Error Connecting the UM Client

If the User Management Client is unable to connect to the UM Server, you will see the following message when using the "Test Url" button in the UM Client Configuration utility.

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Service URL

The Service URL is the "address" that the UM Client communicates back to the UM Server.  It requires the format:


where <COMPUTERNAME> is either the Computer name of the Server OR the IP address.  For example:


If the UM Server has been configured to use the non-standard SSL port - 443, then the port needs to be added to the URL.


Please note:  The address must be "https" as the Client communicates using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) as the communication is encrypted.  

Communicating with the UM Server

If the UM Client is unable to reach the UM Server, check the following:

  1. The connection between the Client and the Server is not blocked by a firewall.  If a firewall is set to only allow certain ports on the network to communicate, you will need to check the firewall to ensure that the client and the server can communicate.  User Management uses port 443 for communications to and from the Client.  If the UM installer detected that port 443 was already in use, it defaults to port 6321.  If a different port was configured on installation, please contact your network administrator to determine which port was configured.
  2. The World Wide Web Publishing Service on the UM server is running. 
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