General Mac Troubleshooting

The UM Mac client is very...driver sensitive. Secure function relies almost entirely on using PostScript drivers for example. Some issues with color detection or page counts, or duplex detection may be resolved or improved simply by changing the driver.  While this isn't always possible, when multiple drivers for a given device are available, that may be the shortest path to resolving some issues.

Likewise, the client is very dependent on the underlying Mac OS, and any Operating System over time will tend build up cruft that can eventually impact application function.  Apple posts, and at last check, maintains a Knowledgebase article at:

Which covers the process of resetting ACLs and permissions in user Home directories. The KB also includes a number of symptoms/issues that may also be related and remedied by this fix.  As this procedure restores the operating systems ACL's and permissions to normal and expected values, in general, in many environs, this would be a safe procedure, but check with IT/Desktop Support if there may be implications.

Issues that appear after updating a Mac to a new Codename/Minor Version could be down to OSX Client version support. Each client version is certified for certain versions of OSX, using a particular client on an unsupported version of Mac OSX is generally not going to end well. The best practice is to ensure at each update of UM Mac Client or Mac OSX that compatability exists. In short, if the latest version of the client doesn't support Sierra, don't install it on Sierra machines, retain the earlier version. If the installed version doesn't support Catalina, either don't update until a client that supports  Catalina, or remove the UM Mac client before updating to Catalina.

In the event that the best practice got oopsied this KB covers the process to uninstall, and you would generally proceed to the manual steps listed in that KB. Lack of version support may extend to the uninstall application.

Finally, some issues may need to be brought to Support, or eventually escalated to dev, if nothing else in this article has provided any resolution, enable full logging and submit the resulting logs with your issue report.
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