How to set up the Service URL for the UM Client

Question:  What is the Service URL and how do I set up the Service URL on an UM Client?  

Answer:  User Management Clients use a web service to communicate with the UM Server.  The "Service URL" refers to the address that the UM Client talks to.  On a workstation running the UM Client, you can configure the Service URL by running the Print Audit Configuration utility.   
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In the Services URL field, enter the fully qualified address where the Client Services option is already installed (the UM Server). The client will use this name or URL to communicate with the Client web services to track and secure jobs. By default the URL is equivalent to "https://<COMPUTERNAME>/Services". Alternatively, if Client Services are communicating on a port other than the default 443, enter '<Computername>:<sslport>' substituting the configured port number for 'sslport'.

You can test that the Service URL is valid by clicking on the Test Url button.  If the Service URL is valid and reachable, you should receive a confirmation message.

If the Service URL is invalid or unreachable, you will receive an error message

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For further troubleshooting, please refer to our Knowledge Base article -  Error Connecting to UM Client. 
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