HP Dynamic Mode device and the UM client

One of the options when installing recent HP Universal driver sets is to install them along with a 'Dynamic Mode' device that the installer creates that allows you to search for and select HP printers at print time, after selecting the Dynamic Mode device.

With the UM client installed, you will likely detect a perceptible slow down of the print process, this is not unexpected as both products are working very close to each other, and both will query the spooler frequently. This lag, while perceptible, is really quite trivial, and likely not to be an obstacle.

However, there is one area which is problematic. The Dynamic Mode device appears to be leveraging print pooling, and the end result of that is each of the devices selected by the Dynamic Mode device, appear to be the same device to UM, a local device on the workstation.

So the actual device selected on a job by job basis is obscured to UM, and can't be determined by inspection of the jobs tracked from the Dynamic Mode device.

As it appears to be a local device to UM, jobs from the Dynamic Mode device cannot be secured, nor targeted on pass-through queues.

The Dynamic Mode device also offers the option to create queues in the Printers folder for devices it prints to. These devices do perform entirely consistently with the application, jobs are tracked to the actual device and secure queues function correctly.

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