Upcoming IP Changes affecting UM, IDM, Print Audit 6 and Secure

On Friday, January 18, 2019 at 6pm MST, we are performing a major network change for Print Audit Web Services. This change will require a 24 hour service interruption to Device Management(IDM), ICE for IDM, User Management, PA Secure and Rapid Assessment Key. This will also force a change to our IP addresses, which may require customer sites to update existing firewall rules. Please carefully review details below to prepare for this change.

This change is being made to upgrade our infrastructure for better redundancy, performance, and security, and will provide an improvement to our service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Customer Implications
There will be no impact to your customers who: 
  • Are currently allowing outbound traffic without restrictions.
  • Are restricting outbound traffic by adding a rule that allows traffic specifically for the hostname fm.printaudit.com. These customers will automatically be switched over after the outage and will not need to make any changes.  

The following customers will be impacted if you do not prepare in advance:  
  • If your customer has white-listed the IP directly in their firewall rules, communication with Print Audit’s servers will break after the outage. For these customers, you will need to work with them in advance to get their firewall ACL rules pointed to the fully qualified domain name (fm.printaudit.com). Many large organizations have change control measures so it could take time to get a change approved and pushed out. Please begin making this change as soon as possible so there are no issues on January 18th.
You can prepare for this change by opening access in your firewall to the fully qualified domain names and ports below. Please do NOT remove your existing whitelist rules as they will be necessary for data to flow until the outage.
For IDM:
For UM, Print Audit 6, Print Audit Secure, PCSD and RAK key:
For all applications listed above:
Port 443 
In some rare cases it may be necessary to use IP in these rules. Please contact Support for this information should it be required.
If you are unable to make this change before the outage:  
  • ICE will store device scan data locally until the firewall rules are updated and data can be submitted to Infinite Device Management.  
  • Alerting and Reporting for impacted customers will use stale data until the firewall changes are made and the scans submitted.  
  • User Management, PA Secure and Rapid Assessment Key will operate for 5 days before they stop reporting. 
If you have any questions regarding this message, please contact Print Audit Support at support@printaudit.com or +1-877-412-8348. 
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