Issue with User Management and Direct to IP printers

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Issue: Under versions of the User Management software prior to 7.0.28, there was an issue where in some cases when printing to a shared printer in the UM Database, the printer type would change a printer from Direct IP to Local printer type.


When importing a JBS file exported under UM 7.0.26 or under, an error message will appear:
Message: The import file contains one or more duplicate IP printers that have no MAC Address but share the same host and ip.  Cannot import.  Please check the database the merge file was generated from.

Local Device Tracking with UM only.  Users may see local devices duplicating Direct to IP devices detected with ICE or seeing local devices that are Direct to IP that should not be tracked as Local.  Direct to IP printers are still tracked normally in IDM if ICE is installed in the environment and are not affected by this.

Solution: Upgrading both the IDM back end components AND the UM clients to 7.0.28 will resolve this issue.  UM 7.0.28 will correct both issue.  In the case of the JBS imports, upgrade to UM 7.0.28 and perform a new export of the JBS file.  In the case of UM Local Device Tracking, the Direct to IP printers will go Stale and can be deleted from UM.  If a JBS export is require before upgrading to UM 7.0.28, contact Print Audit Technical Support and they will provide a script to run that will correct this issue first.

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