IUM Error - The sequence does not contain any elements - Non-English Windows Operating Systems

Issue:  After installing, licensing and authenticating to IUM, the user receives an error message when clicking on "Administration" in the IUM web site.  The error message will translate as "The sequence does not contain any elements".

Cause:  The issue is arises from the way default timezones are intially configured in the database setup.

Solution:  The workaround is as follows:

  1. Download a copy of "FixTimeZoneError.zip" file to the IUM Server.
  2. Extract the file "fixtimezoneerror.sql".
  3. Run the IUM Database Wizard.
  4. Select "Run a slq script against a database."
  5. Authenticate against the appropriate IUM database.
  6. Run the script.
  7. After successfully running the script, set the Timezone and Regional settings as appropriate for your IUM installation.
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