Pro Tip: Ensuring UM will have the standard http/https ports

When the UM installer runs, it looks for the presence of the Web Server Role, if it is not installed, the installer will install it, and configure IIS appropriately to run UM without issue.

When the Web Server Role is installed, the UM installer will look at what ports have been bound to existing sites, if any of these sites are using either 80 (http) or 443 (https) then UM will bind to alternate ports (6320/6321).

If the Web Server Role is installed by an operator, Windows automatically creates a default site and binds port 80 to it.  So in this scenario the UM installer will use the alternate ports.

If you want to ensure that UM will have the default http/https ports:
1) Select a server where no other web application is installed.
2) Ensure that server does not have the web server role installed, or remove the role if it is.
3) Install UM, allowing the installer to install and configure the web server role.
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