Putting Ricoh into SP Mode with newer SOP machines with the Client installed.

  1. Reset the machine through the Web Image Monitor to put the device into a known state. 
2. Hold the reset button (small button on side of panel closest to the front) AND hold "Check Status" on the panel.  This should bring up a numeric keypad.
3. Enter "Reset", 806182 and hold the "C" key down.  This may take several seconds.  This should go back to the UM Embedded Application screen.  It may be necessary to hit Exit but be generous on the time you hold down C first (5-10 seconds)

4. Press and hold the UM logo down in the upper right corner to exit the UM Embedded Application. 

5. SP Mode should be available after UM Embedded Application is exited. 

6. To re-enter the UM Embedded Application.  Hit the Login button which forces the UM Embedded Application to reload. It should also reload if you attempt to access a tracked function.

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