Reports, exports, imports that start but never stop.

These functions (and some others that may affect the server Admin site) are all executed by the User Management Task Service. Even in the case where you are executing one of these 'live' the actual mechanism is to schedule the task for the next available task scheduler cycle, which then executes the task.

If this service fails, or becomes 'decoupled' from the web services portion of UM, then you are likely to encounter issues with these tasks.

Open the Services console (services.msc) and locate the User Management Task Service. If the service is stopped, start it. If the service is running, restart it, then attempt the task again. If this fails to resolve, you would then want to bring the issue to Support for further investigation.

If the fix works, but you are frequently having to apply it:
- If it's a case of consistently having to restart the service, change the startup type of the Service from Automatic to Automatic (Delayed start). When restarting IIS, also restart the UM task service. This is typically a rare issue, really only showing in places where the webserver or the server itself is frequently restarted.
- If its a case of starting a stopped service, first set the recovery options on the service property to restart the service. Then look for Windows Event Viewer entries that correspond to those service crashes, and include an export of that event along with full server logs.

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