Ricoh Embedded Android (SOP) Support Checklist

The following documentation is required to escalate an issue with the Ricoh Embedded Android (SOP) Client. As the requested screenshots frequently can be problematic, simply vetting that the screenshots conform to the examples in this KB may resolve issues related to settings being changed or reverted. In the event that all of the screenshots conform, the last step covers generating the device logs.


1. Device Info (WIM > Status/Information > Device Info)

GetImage.png 46.18 KB

2. System (WIM > Configuration > System)

GetImage (1).png 93.81 KB

3. IPv4 (WIM > Configuration > IPv4) 

GetImage (2).png 97.36 KB

4. SSL/TLS (WIM > Configuration > SSL/TLS)

GetImage (3).png 27.92 KB

5. Extended Feature Info (WIM > Configuration > Extended Feature Info)

GetImage (4).png 22.84 KB

6. System Settings (User Tools > Machine Features > Administrator Tools > Page 2) 

GetImage (5).png 62 KB

7. User Authentication Management (User Tools > Machine Features > Administrator Tools > Page 2 > User Authentication Management)

GetImage (6).png 59.11 KB

8. Enhanced Print Volume Use Limitation (User Tools > Machine Features > Administrator Tools > Page 2 > Enhanced Print Volume Use Limitation) 

GetImage (7).png 63.33 KB

9. SP-5-401-230 (System SP) 

GetImage (8).png 65.08 KB

10. SP-5-401-103 (System SP) 

GetImage (9).png 64.66 KB

11. SP-5-420-041 (System SP)

GetImage (10).png 59.64 KB

  1. Device Logs – http://<IP ADDRESS>/web/entry/df/websys/direct/getSysInfo.cgi
  2. Select 1 day of logs
  3. There is little in the way of progress indication, when the logs are done, a .tar file will be downloaded.
  4. Along with the screenshots and logs, the Serial ID of the device that generated the logs.
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