Setup for Debug Logging - UM Server

The objective when generating debug logs for an issue is to get complete logs, that capture the issue at hand, while minimizing the 'noise' in the logs from lines not related to the actual issue.

The following procedure will walk you through the process of generating such a log set on your UM server.

1) Open Notepad as Administrator, and edit the following file: C:\Program Files (x86)\Print Audit Infinite\logging.,config
2) Locate the following in the file
image.png 61.7 KB

3) Change the hilighted "false" to "true"
4) Save the file.
5) In the User Management Program Group, run Server Log Viewer as Administrator
6) Under the file menu, select Clear All Logs, leave log Viewer running

7) Restart IIS, if other applications are also using IIS, you can alternatively restart the Print Audit Infinite web site, and the PAInfinite and PAInfiniteApi application pools.
8) Restart all the User Management services. (Via services.msc)
9) Recreate the issue, twice.
10) Go back to Log Viewer, under the Tools menu is an option to Zip Log Files, select this and submit the resulting zip

11) Generally you will want to revert to standard logging, following this procedure, but changing the true to false for the Debug rule will revert to standard logging. Don't forget to restart webserver and services so the revert takes effect.

An an alternative to running Notepad as Administrator, you can copy logging.config to another location on the disk, edit, save, then copy it back, over-writing the original logging.config.

Embedded clients

Some embedded clients (HP and Konica Minolta) have their own installation directories which contain their own logging.config files. For Embedded issues with these clients, after making the changes to the server logging.config file, copy it to the Embedded installation directory, over-writing the existing file, and then proceed to restart IIS and Services. These embeddeds also have Windows Services that will also need to be restarted, at the current time, these Services are named Print Audit Infinite Embedded for X, not User Management Embedded for X. This may change in a future release.

Trace logging

In some cases, your support representative may ask for Trace logging, which is more verbose still than Debug logging.  To enable trace logging, you enable Debug logging as above, but change the level of logging on that line to Trace:
image.png 61.12 KB

Trace logging is extremely verbose, you will want to revert the logging level after generating the requested logs!

Attached are standard.config, debug.config, and trace.config, each of which is a complete logging.config file configured for the named level of logging:

standard.config 1.38 KB
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