UM and HP Universal Drivers in Dynamic Mode.

HP Dynamic Mode per HP's installer:
"Creates a special 'Universal Printer' object in your Printers folder. Whit this mode, you can dynamically select your destination printer each time you print."

When installed alongside the UM client you may experience some inflation in print times over either product installed on it's own, but this inflation is likely to be negligible in most cases.

But largely the two products co-exist well, in some rare cases, the Dynamic Mode Printer may timeout/fail to connect to a device, and notably, these failures shield the UM client from the print event (I.E. the client does not track this non-job). 

However, the Dynamic Mode device tends to report as the first device it prints successfully to, as far as the printing application, and the UM client is concerned, the Dynamic Mode device reports that printers attributes, regardless of the device selected.  There may be a way to change the device that the Dynamic Mode object reports as, it's not apparent, but it doesn't appear to dynamically report the actual device details.

In some environments, this may well be a zero sum game, and the utility of the Dynamic Mode Printer Object may outweigh the device matching accuracy. This will likely not be the case in those environments which leverage Secure, or Rules functions, where the latter relies on accurate device matching.

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