Uninstalling the UM Client on Mac OS X.

The uninstaller app is no longer included in the Application Installation on the MAC, to access it you must run it from the Disk Image file (.dmg) that contained the original installer. Simply mount and run the Uninstaller app.

In the case where that fails, the following manual method may be attempted:

  • Log in as an admin user (preferably the built-in Admin account)
  • Open the disk image and copy the Uninstall app to a folder on the local drive.  To keep it simple, copy it to the desktop 
  • Open Terminal 
  • At the Terminal prompt type:
    cd ~/Desktop/Uninstall.app/Contents/Resources 
  • Press enter 
  • Now run the script.  Type:
    sudo sh uninstaller.sh   
  • Press enter to execute the command. 
  • Enter password of the admin account 

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