Changing the client configuration.

Sometimes, for example after migrating the application to a new server, there will be a need to change the client configuration to point to the new database location.

There are two ways to change the configuration of a single installed client:

1) Re-run the installer. For a client-only installation this is a simple quick and easy way to reconfigure the client, when prompted for the location and port of the database communicator, supply the new location (and/or port as required.) See this guide for more information on performing a client-only install.

2) Use pa6ccutl.exe. If a workstation includes the Administration tools or the Job Editing and Reporting tools installed, you can still use the installer and run a step-by-step walkthrough, but it may be simpler, and quicker to use pa6ccutl.exe. This utility is located in the same directory as the client (C:\Program Files (x86)\Print Audit Inc\Print Audit 6\Client by default on 64 bit systems) which will allow to change the location and/or port.

Regardless of which method you use after completing the installer run, or running pa6ccutl.exe you will need to reboot the client computer to ensure that the changes are completed.


The client expects a bare hostname or a bare ip address for the location of the database communicator.  UNC paths will not work, nor will SQL connection strings.

Correct example:


These are both good location strings to use to configure the client.

Incorrect example:


Neither of these will result in a functioning client.

Lastly, if you use hostname, remember to verify that DNS returns the correct address for that hostname. 

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