Database Communicator and Authenticated Proxies

Reported Issue:

User is able to launch the Print Audit Administrator tool however, when launching the Database Communicator the license check fails resulting in an error.


Users can open the Print Audit Administrator. Users cannot open the Database Communicator service as the License check fails.


The Print Audit Administrator launches as the user logged into the machine and connects to the proxy with their credentials. The Database Communicator Service runs as the local system account by default which is not allowed through the Proxy server.


Change the Service to run as an authorized user on the proxy server. To Do this:

  1. Launch Services from Control Panel -> Administrative tools or by running services.msc
  2. Find the Print Audit 6 Database Communicator Service
  3. Double click on the entry and click on the Log On Tab
  4. Select the "This account" option and browse for the user account.
  5. After entering the users password click Apply. Click OK.
  6. Restart the service by right clicking and selecting restart
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