Disable Off-Network Laptop Tracking

The default Disconnected behavior in Print Audit 6 is track jobs normally. In the event that a Print Audit Client cannot communicate with the Database Communicator Service the Job information is kept locally on the client until communication can be re-established. This may be undesirable behavior for Laptops within the environment as local home printers and print jobs are also treated this way; the jobs are submitted when the Laptop is connected to the Work Network again.

The Disconnected behavior can be modified on a per machine basis. Effectively when the Laptop is disconnected from the Network print job information is ignored. To do this:

  1. Launch the Administrator (Start -> All Programs -> Print Audit 6)
  2. Along the left hand pane click on the Advanced Section
  3. Click on the Network and Authentication Icon
  4. Locate the Laptop within the Per Computer Settings Section. Double Click the entry
  5. Set the Disconnected option to Ignore Jobs
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