Getting error message "Could not connect and verify your information. Your job has been cancelled. Please contact your technical support."

The reason that the user is getting this error message is because the Print Audit 6 Client is not able to initially communicate to the Print Audit 6 Database Communicator and obtain its configuration.
Please do the following on the Client computer:
  1. Go to C:\Program Files\Print Audit Inc\Print Audit 6\Client
  2. Double click on the file pa6ccutl.exe
  3. The Location should be the Hostname or IP address of the system hosting the Database Communicator Service (Do not use UNC for location)
  4. If you have the server name is correct, put in the IP address instead
  5. Restart Computer

NOTE: It is possible that a firewall is not allowing the communication from the Client workstation to the server as well. Windows Server 2008 also has scope settings to restrict/allow traffic from alternate subnets. If the workstation is on an alternate subnet ensure that the scope setting includes the subnet.
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