How can I charge different prices for duplex printing?

In Print Audit 6 you can charge different costs for duplex printing. 

  1. Open the Print Audit 6 Administrator
  2. Click on the Advanced tab located in the bottom left hand corner 
  3. Click on the Custom Rules icon
  4. Double click on a blank line
  5. Enter a name for the Rule
  6. Click the Add button in the Conditions tab 
  7. In the 'When the:' field select "Job Duplex setting " -> "is " -> " true", click Ok
  8. Click on the Actions tab
  9. Click the Add button
  10. Set 'Action' to "Set the cost profile"
  11. Enter the desired costs for duplex printing, click Ok

These costs will override the costs set in the Printer Profiles.

If you want to charge different duplex printing costs based for different printers you will need to add an additional rule.

  1. Double click on the rule you just created
  2. Under the Conditions tab click on the Add button
  3. Set 'When the:' to "Printer " -> " is " 
  4. Click the Find button and select the printer
  5. Ensure that 'Trigger this rule when:' is set to "all of the following conditions are met"
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