How can I receive an email when a user triggers a rule

In Print Audit 6 you can create a condition on a rule, when a rule has been triggered to send you an email, notifying you that a user has triggered the rule.

This how-to has a couple steps:

  • Configure Print Audit 6 to send emails
  • Ensure email notification is working
  • Add the email action to your current/new rule
Configuring the PA6 client to send emails:
  1. Open the Print Audit 6 Administrator
  2. Select System Settings from the left pane
  3. Here is where you will configure PA6 to send emails.
  4. Once you have specified your server, who to send to etc. select the Save button from the toolbar.
Now we will need to test the email notification:
  1. Open the Database Communicator, by selecting Start, Programs, Print Audit 6, Communicator Configuration
  2. Select Tools
  3. Select Test Email Notification
If successful, you will receive a notification saying everything has worked, if not you will need to re-configure the settings in the Administrator, or talk with your Network Administrator regarding the error you received.
After the email test has been successful, we will need to configure an action to send the email:
  1. Open the Print Audit 6 Administrator
  2. Select the Advanced button from the left pane
  3. Select Custom Rules located on the left pane
  4. Double-click the rule we want to add this action to or create a new one, by double-clicking a white row.
  5. If creating a new rule you will need to configure the conditions etc. once that has been done, select the Actions tab
  6. Select the Add button
  7. Set the Action: to Send an email message
  8. Here is where you will configure what you want in the email message, this message can include any of the available variables i.e. %user, %computer, %app, %title variables can be found by pressing the F1 key on your keyboard to access the Print Audit 6 Help files.
  9. Once the action has been configured select OK
  10. Select Save
Thats it, now the next time a user triggers this rule, you will receive an email notification
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