How to Clear Pending Jobs

Yes you are able to clear the previously printed jobs. If you clear these jobs, they will be cleared for all users and the print jobs will not be sent to the database. The reason that there are previously printed jobs is because at some point the workstation was unable to connect to the Client Communicator so Print Audit stored a snapshot of these jobs. Once the Client connected to the Client Communicator Print Audit will prompt the users to enter the information for the print jobs so that these pending jobs can be sent to the database.

To delete all the pending jobs please follow the instructions below.

    1. Open the Print Audit 6 Administrator
    2. Click on Tools -> Clear Pending Jobs

NOTE: In a cost recovery environment, the above procedure would constitute a last gasp effort to resolve an issue related to those jobs.  Deleting pending jobs removes the associated data from the database, meaning that those jobs will never have their costs recovered.

Even in the case where this action is warranted, in a cost recovery environment the best practice would be to disposition every possible disconnected job before purging the table.
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