How to create a Full Report within the Job Manager

  1. Open the Job Manager, by accessing Start, Programs, Print Audit 6, Job Manager.
  2. Once there, enter the criteria for the jobs you want to report on. Ex. Users who printed, Printers Used, Custom Fields, and or Date Ranges.
  3. Select the Find Jobs button. All your jobs based upon your search criteria will auto populate.
  4. Select Reports from the file menu and then Create Report.
  5. The Build a Report window will appear, under Type of Report, select the Full (Details and Totals) type.
  6. On this screen you can also edit the decimal places you want displayed on the report.
  7. Select next.
  8. Please select the fields columns you want to display on the report. You can only select up to five.
  9. Click the next button to continue.
  10. Please select up to three columns to total on.
  11. Click next to continue.
  12. You can also select the totals to display on the report.
  13. Click Next to continue.
  14. Enter the title and sub-title you want to display on the report.
  15. Either select Save and Build, to use this report later and build a report now, or just select Build to build the report now.

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