How to create a report based on the Printer Accounts set up in the Administrator

  1. Go into the Print Audit Administrator.
  2. Go into the Printers tab.
  3. Highlight the printers you want in a group, press CTRL T.
  4. Assign a account name to this group.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have all your printers in a group.
  6. Go into the Print Audit Job Manager.
  7. Select your date range, click Find Jobs.
  8. Click Reports -> Create Report.
  9. Select the report type you would like to create, click Next.
  10. In your options select “Printer Account”, finish selecting what other information you would like to see in the report.
  11. At the end click Save and Build, give your report template a name and click Save.

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