How to deploy additional Database Communicators

You can install the Database Communicator component on as many additional server(s)/workstations(s) as needed by running the Setup program and accepting the Licensing Agreement:

  1. Choose: Step by Step Walkthrough.
  2. Accept or change program installation location.
  3. Choose the appropriate database type, if this isn't SQL, it is recommended to switch your backend to SQL before installing multiple communicators.
  4. No – do not create a new database.
  5. Yes – install the Database Communicator.
  6. Only change the Port if it has been changed from the default.
  7. No – do not install the Copy Audit communicator.
  8. Un‐check all the check boxes for Client and Job Editing and Reporting, unless you need one or more of these components installed. You will not be able to deselect Administration when installing a Communicator. 
  9. After the install completes, click on Start ‐> All Programs ‐> Print Audit 6 and choose Communicator Configuration. If prompted to run this as Administrator, do so.
  10. The program will start, wait a couple of seconds, and you will receive an error message that the Database settings are invalid ‐> click OK.
  11. In the next screen fill in the information to connect to the SQL database and click Login.
  12. The Configure Communicator will appear and start, stop the service by clicking the Stop button.
  13. Change the Max threads value from 10 to 50, click Start then Close.
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