How to export jobs into a csv file from the Job Manager

To export jobs into a .csv file from Job Manager:
  1. Go into the Job Manager
  2. Start -> All Programs -> Print Audit 6 -> Reporting -> Job Manager
  3. Select a data range, click Find Jobs
  4. Click Tools -> Export Results
  5. Click on the "Configurations" button
  6. Beside "Output file", click on the folder icon, select where you would like your file to be saved and give it an extension of .csv
  7. In the middle under the heading "Delimited Options" put a check mark beside "Output column name row"
  8. Go into the "Columns" tab and select what you would like to export into the file.
  9. Click "Save As" and give your configuration a name -> click Close
  10. Select your configuration file beside Configuration -> click Export

If you are exporting to a Network Location the UNC path must be used. Do Not Use Windows Mapped Drives.

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