How to find the VID/PID of a UBS Card Reader

Please note that this is a general guide.  You may need to contact the manufacturer of the USB Card Reader to get the specific VID/PID for the reader.

  1. Plug the UBS Card Reader into a PC.
  2. Open the Windows Device Manager (Control Panel --> System and Security --> System --> Device Manager).
  3. Expand "Human Interface Devices"
  4. The Card Reader should be the last "USB Input Device" in the list.
  5. Highlight it and right click.  Go to Properties
  6. Click on Details and choose "Hardware Ids" from the Property drop down.
    Note the values for VID and PID
         For example, the values for USB\VID_0C27&PID_3BFA&REV_0480 would be
                  VID = 0DC6
                  PID = 3BFA 
  7. These values are in a hexadecimal format.  They need to be converted to a decimal for use with Print Audit Embedded for HP.
  8. The built-in Windows calculator can be used to convert these values using it's Programmer view

 Click on "Dec" to convert the value to decimal.

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