How To Install Multiple Copies of the Reporting Tools

Print Audit 6 Administrator and Reporting tools can be installed on as many workstations as required. These tools do not count towards the seat allotment on the license.

How to Install Administrator/Reporting Tools:

  1. Run the PA6Setup.exe. Select the Print Audit 6 Setup Option.
  2. Click Next and accept the license agreement
  3. When prompted for the Setup Type select Step by Step Walkthrough. Click Next.
  4. Click Next when prompted for the install destination.
  5. Select the Database Type. Click Next
  6. When prompted to create a new database select "No - Do not create a new database, I already created one." Click Next.
  7. When prompted to install the database communicator select "No - Do not install, I already installed one." Click Next.
  8. When prompted to install Copy Audit select " No - Do not install the Copy Audit Communicator on this machine". Click Next.
  9. Select the components you would like installed (i.e. Client, Administration, Job Editing and Reporting). Click Next.
  10. Enter the Database Communicator Location (Only prompted if client is selected). Click Next.
  11. Click Install. Click Finish when the installation is complete.

How to Connect Administrator/Reporting Tools:

When the Administrator/Reporting tool is launched the first time a connection to the database must be provided. This will vary based on the selection in step 5 above.

For Access Databases enter the UNC location of the Database (i.e. \\Servername\Sharename\pa6db.mdb)

For SQL Databases enter the connection credentials. See below for example:

Server: Servername\SQLEXPRESS
Database: Printaudit
User: Printaudit
Password: XXXXX (set during the initial installation)

Note: The database connection strings must be the same across all Administrator/Reporting tools or a license error can occur. This typically occurs with access databases when the primary server is pointed to the local database location and a secondary tool is pointed to the UNC path, but may also occur with SQL databases if some machines use ip address while others use hostname.

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