How to set up PA Embeded for Sharp with a dedicated App Pool

The Print Audit installer for Sharp Embedded does a good job in the case where PA Embedded for Sharp is the only application running on the IIS webserver, or in the case where PA Secure Server is running on the same IIS webserver.

However, if you have other applications or sites to be hosted on that same IIS webserver, it is possible that two or more will be configured to use the Default App Pool.  The accepted best practice is to have a dedicated application pool for each site or application hosted on IIS.

The following procedure will create a dedicated Application Pool and tie it to your PA Embedded for Sharp site:

  1. Open Internet Information Services Manager
  2. In the Connections pane expand the server where PA Embedded for Sharp has been installed.
  3. Select Application Pools
  4. In the Actions frame, click "Add Application Pool..."
  5. Provide a name for the new app pool (IE: PA6Sharp)
  6. Select the appropriate .NET version (2.0 for PA Embedded versions before v6.3.x, 4.0 otherwise)
  7. Set the "Managed Pipeline mode" to Integrated
  8. Ensure the check box labeled "Start application pool immediately" is checked.
  9. Click OK to save changes and create the new application pool.
  10. In the Connections frame, expand Sites, then expand Default Web Site
  11. Click on pa6sharp in the main frame, then "Advanced Settings..." in the Actions frame.
  12. Double click on DefaultAppPool to bring up the Select Application Pool dialog, select the Pool you created earlier in the drop down and click OK.

    Now your PA Embedded for Sharp site is backed by a dedicated application pool.
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