How to Set up User Allowances

To set up a User Allowance:

  1. Open the Print Audit Administrator (Start Menu --> All Programs --> Print Audit 6 --> Administrator.
  2. From the left hand side, select “User Profiles”.
  3. Select an existing User Profile or create a new User Profile.
  4. Select the “Allowances” tab.  Note: This feature is only available with Recovery.
  5. Select the Type of allowance you wish to use.  The available types are:
    • None - do not use allowances.
    • Cost - The total cost of print jobs the user is allowed to print before the allowance runs out.
    • Total Pages - The total number of pages a user can print before they run out. Counts both b/w and color pages.    
    • BW Pages - The total number of b/w pages a user can print before they run out. Allows unlimited color printing.
    • Color Pages - The total number of color pages a user can print before they run out. Allows unlimited b/w printing.
    • BW and Color Pages - The total number of b/w and color pages they can print. If either allowance runs out, the user won't be able to print any more pages of that type.
  6. If you want to have an Additional Balance, check the box beside “Use Additional Balances”.  Additional balances are used when you wish to have a separate balance that does not automatically get reset when the regular balances are reset.  For example, the user may be a student that purchases additional printing in addition to their normal allowance.
  7. In the “Page/Cost Allowances” field, set an appropriate balance based on the type of Allowance selected in Step 5.
  8. The “Overdraft” field is used if you want to give the users some leeway once their balance is exceeded.  This allows them to complete a print job if it exceeds their current balance.
  9. If you wish to have Balances reset automatically for all users with this profile, set the Period from the drop down box.  Then enter the appropriate date/time.  If you don’t want balances to automatically reset, then leave the Period as “Never”.
  10. Click on “Save” to save your Allowance settings.  You’ll be presented with an “Update User Balances” screen.  The options are:
    • Only update zero balances.
    • Update zero and negative balances.
    • Reset all balances
    • Do not change any balances.
    • Additional – Set additional balances to zero.
  11. If you want to “force” a reset of balances, click on the “Reset Balances” button.  You’ll be presented with the “Update User Balances” dialog as in the step above.
  12.  At any point, you can manually adjust a user’s balance by:
    • Clicking on the “Users” icon on the left hand side of the Administrator console.
    • Locate the User whose balance you wish to adjust and double click on that user’s entry.
    • Select the “Balances” tab.
    • Enter the new value for the Allowance (and the Additional Balance if appropriate).

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