How to uninstall Print Audit 6 without a msi file

How to uninstall Print Audit 6 with no .msi file.

  1. Go into the command window.
  2. Type “MsiExec.exe /x {47E965E1-9F19-44F4-A3ED-AD892912D182}” Press enter (no quotes)
  3. They will need to reboot pc.

The code that is in the { } is specific to Print Audit 6. If you want
to know where I got this code from you need to go into the registry.


Note: PCSD has a different code {01CAD98A-79B1-43B2-8189-B834DFFF82BB}

Troubleshooting Information

If the MSI Exec command indicates that a previous version is installed or failed please ensure the following:

  1. User has Administrative privileges on the system (Required to make registry changes)
  2. Print Audit Services and processes are not running (Requires the Print Audit 6 Entry to be removed from msconfig startup list; Client Helper service should be disabled as well through services.msc)
  3. Command prompt has been run as an administrative user (May be required in OS's with UAC enabled; Right click on cmd.exe and click "Run as Administrator")

To use this in a batch file or with Active Directory Group Policy, the msiexec command is:

msiexec /qn /x {registry key as above}

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