Issues caused by installation of Print Audit Sharp Embedded on non-English Operating System

   If the Print Audit Sharp Embedded software is installed on a non-English installation of the Windows Operating System, a couple of issues can arise due to the way in which regional settings are being handled.


  1. When using PIN Code only for the prompt, the job may appear to be processed but it isn't tracked within the Job Manager.
  2. When using a Client Custom Field in the prompts, the error may occur on the console - "Object of a Reference not found". 

  Using Notepad or a similar text edit utility, add a line that sets the Globalization setting for the web page.  The line is added to the Print Audit Sharp Embedded web.config file (C:\Program Files (x86)\Print Audit Inc\Print Audit 6\Sharp Embedded\webservice).

Under the XML heading "<system.web>", add the line:

<globalization culture="en-CA" />

Note:  This workaround is for issues caused specifically caused by a non-English operating system installation and does not apply to other issues.

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