Manually Removing "Disconnected" Jobs from a Mac Client

If a large number of "disconnected" jobs built up on a Mac Client, printing from the Client can slow down over time. Below is the procedure for "manually" removing disconnected jobs from a Mac Client workstation:

The disconnected job files are stored in: /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Print Audit 6

NOTE: replace <username> with the full user name as shown for the Home folder in Finder

Using the Terminal app check for any disconnected jobs in the cache folder (2 separate commands):

cd "/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/Print Audit 6"
ls -la

NOTE: the quotes are required because of the spaces in the folder names.

If the .job files are found, they can be removed using the Unix rm command
rm *.job*

Note: this should on be used as a workaround and is not meant to resolve the underlying issue. Removing these disconnected job files will mean that the jobs they represent are not tracked, and in a cost recovery environment, the associated costs will not be recovered. 
Contact Print Audit Technical Support for assistance resolving the actual issue. This procedure is simply a work-around in the rare case where the buildup of these files has compromised the workstation (for example, filling the hard drive). In such a case it would be better to remove only the oldest jobs (for which recovery is likely impossible anyways) leaving current jobs to be processed when the underlying issue is resolved.

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