Print Audit 6 stops working after Microsoft Security Update

As we have addtional information on this issue, we will update this knowledge base article.  For further information regarding the orginal KB numbers, please see the end of this article.

As a result of Security Update that was released by Microsoft on Tuesday, August 13th, Print Audit 6 will stop working on machines that have the patch applied.  The symptoms may include:

  • when launching the Administrator, Job Manager, Analysis reporting and other visual components, users will get the following error:
    Runtime.JPG 14.92 KB
  • the Print Audit Client will not produce a pop up or track silently.
  • Embedded applications and Copy Audit devices may fail to track.

Microsoft has been supplying updates to fix most versions of Windows.  If your specific version of Windows is not list or the KB number is not found,  look to see if an Optional Update of a Monthly Quality Rollup for Windows is available.  This will be an Optional update not an "Important" one.

As of August 22nd, updated patches have been provided for:

The original patches affects Microsoft Operating Systems from Windows 7 through to Server 2019.  The problems caused by the patch with Print Audit 6 can be resolved in the short term by removing the patch from any machine displaying the above symptoms but a fix may already be available from Microsoft.

The patches are as follows:

Windows 10 - KB4511553, KB4512508 or KB4509452
Server 2012R2 - KB4512488
Server 2012 - KB4512518
2008R2/Windows 7 - KB4512506.
Server 2016 - KB4512517
Server 2019 - KB4511553

The portion of the patch that affects the Print Audit 6 software is as follows:

kb.jpg 89.48 KB

For more information on the patch, please any of the following links:

For addtional information, please contact our Support Dept.
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