Print Audit Administrator in an NDS environment

When you have configured Print Audit for a Network Type of "Novell Directory Services" and Tools authentication of "Logged in User" you cannot run Administrator on the Print Audit Server. Attempting to run it will generate a dialog with the following error text:

"Could not get a default user name. Please ensure you are logged into the network."

This error results because there will be no NDS client on the Print Audit Server, so there is no way for Administrator to evaluate who the logged in user is.

One solution is to simply perform all of your Print Audit Administration and Reporting from workstations with both the NDS client and Print Audit Administrator installed.

Another solution is to change the Tools authentication from "Logged in user" to "PIN" or "PIN and password" then set a PIN or PIN/PASS for those users who are Print Audit Administrators, Print Audit Power Users or Print Audit Accountants to grant them access to the tools.
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