Print Audit Client and Citrix

For Print Audit Internal Use

The Print Audit 6 Client needs to be installed as an advertised application on the Citrix Server.  Application Isolation prevents the Print Audit 6 client from reading print data as the application is run in isolated memory space.

The Print Audit 6 non-client components (Administrator, Database Communicator, SQL Server Express) need to be installed on a separate server than the Citrix.  

The Print Audit 6 clients will need to be installed and advertised to the Citrix
environments. If there is a host operating system that also needs print
tracking the Print Audit 6 client will need to be installed there as
well otherwise only the Citrix printing activities will be captured.
This will require a license for each session the Citrix server can spawn
and a license for each host system (i.e. Citrix supports 250 sessions
and there are 250 desktop computers; 500 licenses are required).

In regards to the Citrix printing method the Cirtix universal driver
cannot be used as this causes issues with tracking. The other situation
to watch out for with Citrix environments is application isolation. If
this is used any Citrix application running on the server runs in
protected memory space and the Print Audit 6 client cannot see the print
operations occurring.

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