Pro Tip: Using Rules to notify users about broken devices.

With the Rules module, you can overlay a lot of restrictions in your environment, requiring documents over 10 pages to be duplex, or restricting color printing from an email application.

But you can also use Rules to streamline the handling of the situation where a device breaks, consider:

You have a device that is malfunctioning, typically you would try to communicate that information to the users who typically would use the device, or globally to all users.  In the first case, it's very easy to overlook a user, in the second it would be preferable to restrict the notification to those who it would affect, rather than filling users inboxes with white noise.

With Rules, you create a Printer Profile, call it Broken for arguments sake, change the profile assignment for the broken printer to this profile.
Then create a rule that cancels and pop a message for any print job going to any printer in the Broken profile.

This message will indicate to the user that the device is broken and can't be used for printing, before the user sends the job, walks to the device and discovers that for themselves.

This also has the effect of communicating to the user that IT support is aware of the issue (particularly if this is explicitly stated in the message) which cuts down on duplicate problem reports about that device.

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