Scheduled Export to a network location


When scheduling an accounting run for use with a third party accounting system a Windows Scheduled Task is created. As software is often spread across several servers there may be a requirement to save the accounting run to a network location rather then locally.


When the accounting run is triggered automatically (by Windows Scheduled Task) the export file is not created at the desired location. When running the accounting run manually the file is created.


When the Windows scheduled task is created it is running as the local system account by default. The local system does not have write permissions to the desired location.


Change the user account the scheduled task is running under. To Do this:

  1. Go to Windows Task Scheduler (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools) or run taskschd.msc
  2. Click on the Task Scheduler Library along the left hand pane
  3. Double Click the Print Audit 6 Export Task
  4. Ensure the 'Run with Highest privileges' option is enabled and click on Change User or Group button
  5. Find a domain user account that has write permissions to the specified location. Click OK.
  6. Click OK.

To Test right click on the scheduled task and select Run. The file should be created in the directory at this point.

Note: This is a live file with unaccounted job information. If the file is successful the 

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