Set a Time out for Print Audit Embedded

Issue:  Set up an automatic log out (Walk away time out) for Print Audit Sharp Embedded. 

Solution:  There is a device property on the MFP called "Auto Clear Timeout" which controls the duration time of a screen displayed on a the MFP.  If the timer expires, the user interface will return to its default MFP screen (the initial start screen of the Print Audit Embedded for Sharp application).

This time out is usually set through the user interface on the MFP.  This procedure may vary from model to model:

  1. The Print Audit Embedded software will need to be disabled.
  2. Select System Settings
  3. Log in to the User Interface on the MFP with the Administrator password.
  4. Select Operation Settings
  5. Select Auto Clear Setting.
  6. Set the amount of time that you'd like the Sharp MFP to stay on the function screen before it goes back to it's initial Print Audit Embedded Screen.

NOTE:  This timer setting only applies when the Print Audit Embedded application is not actively performing a request ie: it will not time out if the Embedded user interface is still displayed.  The timer will start once the user has gotten to the MFP functions screen.
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