Why are there so many "Information" events in the Windows Event viewer regarding MS-SQL

Large number of Windows Event Viewer entries like:

Info: Starting up database '<DATABASE NAME>'
Server resumed execution after being idle 1791 seconds. Reason: timer event.

Cause: By default, new databases are created with a property called "Auto Close" set to true. With this setting, MS-SQL opens and closes a new connection for every request presented to it.

To check this setting, open the SQL Server Management Studio. Under databases, locate the Print Audit database (called "PRINTAUDIT" by default). Right click on the database name and go to Properties. Click on the "Options" selection. Under "Automatic", you should see a property called "Auto Close". If this is set to "True", change it to "False". This change will not require any restart of any services and won't affect any other database under that SQL instance.
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