Why are there two different port settings for the Print Audit Client?

Why does the Database Communicator have a port of 17520 while the "Client listens on" is set to 17522 by default?

The Print Audit Client uses two different ports to communicate with the back end portion of Print Audit.

The port (17520 by default) set in the Database Communicator (Configure Communicator) is the port that the Print Audit Client uses to talk to the Communicator. 

The port setting "Client listens on" (set in the Print Audit Administrator --> Advanced --> Network and Authentication) is the port the Client listens on for incoming messages from the Client Status/Deployment Tool.

NOTE:  You can modify both of the ports for use in your environment but:

  1. the ports must not be used by any other process.
  2. the two "Client" ports must be different.  If they are set to the same value, the Print Audit Client may stop tracking.
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