Why do I receive two popups when printing one job?

The Print Audit 6 Client tracks applications, because of this some printer drivers call on a second application which we "hook" into, because of this an end user would receive multiple popups. 

This can easily be resolved by determining the second process that is being tracked, and ignoring it. Here is how:

  1. Open the Print Audit 6 Job Manager, by selecting Start, Programs, Print Audit 6, Reporting, Job Manager
  2. We will want to be as specific as possible on the search, this way it is easier to identify the culprit. You will need to specify a specific date (one day is better) and possibly a specific user.
  3. Once the search criteria has been selected, select Find Jobs
  4. Once the job list populates, you will need to scroll through the list of jobs, until you see two jobs printed tracked within a second of each other.
  5. Double-click the second job
  6. On the Job Details windows select the Misc. tab
  7. Highlight the process in the Process field
  8. Right-click the highlighted process and select Copy
  9. Select Cancel, on the Job Details window
  10. Close out of the Job Manager
We now want to create an application rule through the Administrator
  1. Open the Print Audit 6 Administrator by selecting Start, Programs, Print Audit 6, Administrator
  2. Select the Advanced button in the lower left hand corner
  3. Select Applications from the left pane
  4. Double-click an empty row from the right pane
  5. Select OK on the popup window that appears
  6. An Adding New Application window will appear you will want to right-click the Process: field and select Paste, you should see the process in the Process: field now
  7. We will need to assign this rule a description in the Description: field i.e. Ignore 2nd popup
  8. For the Profile: field you will want to set this to do not track, by selecting Do not track from the drop down
  9. Select Add
  10. Select Close
The user should no longer receive a second popup when printing to a specific printer.
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