Xerox Embedded: How to Disable Application

  • For temporarily disabling the application follow steps 1-17

  • For full removal follow all steps outlined below

  1. Navigate to the devices embedded web page (i.e.

  2. Login with the Admin account

  3. Click on Properties

  4. Expand General Setup and click on Entry Screen Defaults

  5. From the Services dropdown change from Print Audit Embedded to Copy
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  6. Click Apply
  7. Launch the Xerox Registration Tool
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  8. Enter the IP Address and admin credentials.  Click Connect.
  9. Under Registrations, scroll down and select Print Audit Embedded.
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    (optional: Click Update and then Save to save configuration)
  10. Click Delete.
  11. Navigate back to the devices embedded web page.
  12. Authenticate using the Admin credentials.
  13. Click Properties and expand Login/Permissions/Accounting.  Click User Permissions.
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  14. Click Edit Next to User Permission Roles.
  15. Click Edit Next to Non-Logged-In User.
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  16. Click Services & Tools. Set the Preset to ‘Allow access to everything including Tools (open Access)’ or ‘Allow access to everything except Tools (Standard Access)’. All role state items under Services Pathway should be set to Allowed.
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  17. Click Apply. 
    **Note: Stop here for temporarily disabling the application

  18. Under Login/Permissions/Accounting click on Login Methods
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  19. Click Edit Next to Touch and Web User Interfaces
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  20. Set the Touch UI Method to User Name/Password - Validate on the Device. Click Save.
  21. Under Login/Permissions/Accounting click on Accounting Methods. Click Edit Next to Touch and Web User Interfaces
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  22. Set the Current Accounting Method to None. Click Save

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