Xerox Registration Tool

  1. Obtain a copy of the Registration Client tool by clicking here if you do not have a copy.
  2. Open the Registration Client tool.
  3. Enter Xerox MFP's connection information which includes:
    • IP Address or DNS name (Fully Qualified Domain Name)
    • Admin User Name
    • Admin Password
  4. Click "Connect" to gain access to the list of device services.
  5. Click "Create New" to register new application
    • NOTE: If the application is already registered but you would like to make edits to the configuration or delete it. Click the "List " button and select the application from the list provided to you. The registration options will be provided to you on the right hand side which include: View, Update and Delete
  6. When the Registration Detail Form is presented. Please fill out the following information:
    • Registration Name: Print Audit Embedded for Xerox
    • Select: Enabled
    • Service URL:
    • Description URL:
    • Admin Description: Print Audit Embedded for Xerox
    • Small Icon URL:
    • Tools Icon URL:
    • Vendor: Print Audit
  7. Click "Create" to register the application.

The IP address provided "" is an example of the install location. Please replace this with the IP address of where your Xerox Embedded hosted solution was installed
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